Hey everyone! My name is Dylan Bonner and I am a freelance artist! I graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design where I majored in Illustration and minored in Visual Development. My favorite thing to paint is mermaids and have most recently illustrated for the Disney Princess Comic books! I'm available for freelance work and love taking on new challenges in terms of subject matter and projects.

As you can see from my self-portrait, my love of mermaids started early! This did not make me a popular kid, but I've embraced my interests that used to embarrass me and have turned them into my job. I hope to bring the same sparkly joy to those who see my artwork as I felt when I would play with my favorite mermaid toy as a kid.

Check out some of my original work here or find me on Instagram (@DylanBonner90) for tons of artwork, sketches and updates!